Reunification Story: Jennifer + Darlene

After years of struggling with the effects of trauma and cycles of addiction, Jennifer experienced having her children removed from her care. This moment was frightening and she shares, "I felt as if I was the worst mom ever and I gave up on life."

Since no one in Jennifer's family was willing to take her kids in, they had no other option but to go into foster care and ended up in foster caregivers Darlene and Neil Rogers' home. The Rogers are amazing at co-parenting and providing support to the parents of the children in their care and become some of Jennifer's biggest supporters saying, "I believe in you and I know you can do it!"

 Jennifer and Darlene now call themselves "sister from another mister" and have adopted one another as family! Jennifer shares from the perspective of bioparents that, "It's not that we don't love our kids, we just don't know how to love our self enough to stop what we were doing."

We are so grateful for the foster caregiver, case workers, family and community that come together to support and strengthen families that are in crisis!

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