Jasmine Family

"Adoption has allowed us to be a witness to the beauty of being biological and not biological [parents]. Our family dynamic has not only been a lesson to us as parents, but a lesson to our children to accept and embrace diversity. We will always be their biggest cheerleaders and we NEVER give up on each other. They have discovered unconditional love from each other, as well. We all learn from each other how to heal and blossom and become beautiful adults. It's also heartwarming when our family has sparked an interest for other families to make the brave choice in adopting, too. Our favorite response when people ask about us; "yes, 3 of our kids are biological, but if you can't tell which ones are which, why should we?" It doesn't matter what we look like or how we came to be. We are a PROUD family of 9. We thank the biological parents for giving life, we thank the social workers and Heartland agents, and we thank the adoption lawyer and family court judges. There are so many pieces of the puzzle and everyone helped us create the family we have today. Happy National Adoption Month!" - The Jasmine Family