The following came from CLS Attorney Traveno Tarpley concerning CHS DCM Nicole Luebke: “I feel compelled to let you know how much I appreciate the hard work and dedication that Nicole has shown on the cases I have with her.  She took over a very difficult case recently on the *** girls.  She has gone above and beyond to help me prepare for court in that case, by arranging for witnesses in another county to have a place to testify with a notary present, getting me all the information and rate sheets for a professional witness in that county and looking for a notary public for that witness as well.  She kept in constant contact with me regarding updates and changes. I have rarely received such assistance from a case manager, and with me being out for a short hospital stay and doctor appointments and the Thanksgiving holiday around the hearing date, her help was invaluable.  She hit the ground running on that case and has learned so much in the short time that she has been on that case that it seems as if she has had it from the beginning. I really appreciate how proactive she is.  I just spoke to her about another case that she has received since the last judicial review hearing in preparation for court next week.  I was going to make sure that she initiated a reunification home study on the mother, but she had already done it, and we can possibly have a decision before the JR hearing next week.  That kind of proactive behavior really helps us reach permanency for children as quickly as we can. Thank you so much Nicole.  It is my great pleasure to be working with you”

This really demonstrates the spirit of partnership and truly effective case management. Thank you, Nicole, for everything you are doing for the children and families that you serve.

Mamie Lumpkin is one of the newer additions to our NTF team, as a Clinical Engagement Specialist. Mamie jumped right into the action with no hesitation! She is known around the office for her positive attitude and willingness to help out in any manner needed.  Mamie has exhibited excellent clinical skills that help her to deescalate families in crisis and work with parents to maintain family units and start the healing process in relationships. The families with whom she works sing her praises. Mamie genuinely cares about the families we serve and has a heart for helping others! We are so glad to have you in Circuit 10, Mamie.

The Devereux Team is recognizing Stephanie Balmaceda as a true team player. Stephanie is always stepping in to help out, even for last minute request. Since joining the Devereux team, Stephanie has demonstrated a willingness to go above and beyond the requirements of the job. Her work demonstrates every day how much she truly cares about her families. Thank you, Stephanie, you are exactly the kind of case manager that our families need.