by: Bill Nunnally

Case manager's corner is Chief Quality & Performance Officer, Bill Nunnally's forum in which
to recognize various employees from case management organizations for their outstanding work.


Danni Taylor of Neighbor to Family exemplifies positivity and teamwork.  Her leadership team says that it is rare to see Danni without a smile on her face.  Her enthusiasm is contagious and her laugh is easily recognizable when she enters a room. 


When Danni hears of a new community resource, she sends out an email to all NTF Bartow staff to share it with them.  Recently, Danni noticed that several of her families were in dire need of shoes (one family has 7 children).  Danni came up with the idea to speak with a local church about a “shoe drive” for our families; so that we have shoes on hand at NTF.  This past week, a local organization donated 1,800 pairs of shoes to Heartland for Children and NTF was asked to help sort and organize shoes for distribution to community partners.  Danni eagerly volunteered to assist.  A few weeks ago, I watched Danni as she met with a family and gave them shoes; the look on their faces was priceless and reminded me of the reason of why we are in this line of work and how for granted we take basic necessities. On another occasion, Danni delivered mattresses (in her truck) to a family in need.  She obtains food items and other basic necessities for families in need and assists them with “couponing.” 


Danni has developed numerous practices that have been shared with all NTF staff as “best practice” including how she organizes all of her case files. 


One family said about Danni, “I love Mrs. Danni.  I don’t want her to leave my family.  She’s very patient and understanding.”  All at NTF would agree! Thank you, Danni. You really show the spirit that our families need in their lives.


As part of this issue of Case Manager’s Corner, the Devereux leadership team asked us to acknowledge several members of their front line team.


Stephanie Curtis

Walner Pierrissaint

Julie Bartle

Ineisha Porter

Michia Bellamy

Cindy Bowker

Florian Kollment

Karina Escalera


These Devereux staff members assisted in caring for 2-children over the long Memorial Day weekend due to placement instability. These children were taken to the beach; to the zoo; participated in family dinners; etc., as staff engaged them with their families and made them feel as if they were part of a family unit. Kudos to our Devereux Case Managers who have truly embraced our service center motto “Teamwork Makes the Dream Work”! These Devereux team members absolutely exemplify the real meaning of family engagement.


Devonta Gilmore, DCMT with CHS, has only been in our circuit for a few short months and is already making an impact on our children. A short time ago, some of our youth at Anchor House had received haircuts from a local establishment that did not meet their expectations and had refused to attend school. Devonta, during a routine home visit found out what had happened and offered his services. While off the clock, Devonta returned to Anchor house with his supplies and was able to mend the original haircuts, providing the youths with confidence to return to school. In addition, Devonta has been spending his time mentoring a youth and has engaged others in a friendly game of football; what a great way to engage our teens! We see great things in Devonta’s future and we are so lucky to have someone so dedicated to our children! This is an amazing story. The Heartland team is so fortunate to have individuals like Devonta who care this deeply and genuinely for our children.


Eureka Thompkins came to Gulf Coast from Orlando in April. She walked in and hit the ground running. She is very detailed and thorough on every single case to include her notes. She completes all of her JR’s, Case Plans, OFFA’s, home visit notes, and phone calls immediately, and schedules her MDI’s at her initial visits. She has received multiple kudos from CLS and GAL’s for her outstanding work. We are so happy to have Eureka here as a part of the Gulf Coast and Heartland teams! This is a great example of the level of professionalism and dedication that it takes to really do this work at the level required. Great job Eureka!!


Thank you to all of our front line folks out there working so hard for our families every day. At times it may feel as though no one is noticing – but we are. We do truly understand the level of excellence you bring to this work and the incredible effort you put into it. And please know that you really are changing lives.