Case Manager's Corner by: Bill Nunnally

by: Bill Nunnally
Case manager's corner is Chief Quality & Performance Officer, Bill Nunnally's forum in which
to recognize various employees from case management organizations for their outstanding work.


Dellana Reeves works as a Family Care Manager with Neighbor to Family.  She has been with NTF for over 2 years.  Ms. Reeves is an exceptional advocate for the families with whom she works.  It is not uncommon for Ms. Reeves to attend an IEP with parents to advocate on their child’s behalf.  She understands that families have complex issues and practices a “one step at a time” approach in addressing such issues.  She searches and exhausts all resources in an effort to connect families with what they need.  The families with whom she works make great strides; this can be attributed to Ms. Reeves’ diligence, knowledge, persistence and kindness.  We’re glad we have you advocating for our families, Dellana



Brandon Harkins of One Hope United will become certified as a Case Manager within the next few weeks. He has two cases in particular with two sets of parents who have not been engaging in any services and do not keep in contact with Brandon. Despite this, Brandon makes several efforts every month to go out and find these parents and provide them with referrals. Almost every month he manages to track them down, and his efforts have finally resulted in one mother starting to engage, so it’s a beginning! Brandon has worked hard to ensure that he’s have the necessary frank discussions with the family around advocacy for the children being together permanently. One of the boys has been in six different placements since his removal in June of last year, and Brandon feels very strongly that it would be traumatic on this child to be moved yet again. Brandon’s hard work should be recognized, and his advocacy for these children has made them all stable, and happy in their current placements. Thank you for everything you’re doing for the families you serve, Brandon.



Jennifer Dankowski of Children’s Home Society has been putting her all into an adoption case that has developed into a true story of advocacy. Even though the child she worked with for several years continued to struggle with behavioral issues – and even when therapeutic providers would not recommend placement with his sibling, who had been previously adopted, Jennifer kept pushing the envelope and advocating on the child’s behalf. She believed all along that the child needed to be with his brother. After many staffings and another few years of sibling therapy and recommendations for placement from Juli Alvarado and the sibling therapist Dr. Dumville, he was placed with the adoptive family on 12/31/14. However, the child’s struggles continued after placement. Jennifer did not waiver. She provided intensive supports to the child, his brother, and the adoptive family. She was available by telephone at all hours of the day and night, assisted in crisis situations regarding the child, attended the numerous court hearings for the child, attended DJJ court on behalf of the child, attended numerous school staffings for the child, provided home visits on more than a monthly basis, organized intensive staffings, provided referrals, secured funding for various services and supports for the child, and continued to provide encouragement to the family to provide permanency to the child. Finally, after almost two years of being placed in their home, he was adopted by the adoptive family on 12/21/16. This was a very joyous day for all who had worked tirelessly to ensure that this was his permanent home. Thank you Jennifer for your willingness to go above and beyond for this child and for never giving up.