An Adoption Story: Pinkney Power Activate!


Black widow, Spider Girl and the man of the day, Thor.

We wanted his day to be special. After all, you only get adopted once, and it's a super big deal. So, we let them put on their costumes because superhero costumes, rather than fancy clothes, represent our children and their personalities. All three of them share characteristics that every superhero has, from their extraordinary powers and abilities to courage, being energetic and bravery.

They wanted us to wear costumes too because they said superheroes have to have super parents.  So, we put on our best superman and superwoman shirts and all joined forces.

We feel that all children have a superhero inside of them and it's our job as parents to help discover, develop and redirect these qualities so that our kids can be the best superhero they can be. They may not leap buildings with a single bound, but they are destined for greatness and to leave their mark on the world!

And as they say "Pinkney power activate!"

-Tracy Pinkney, Superhero & Parent of Superheroes