Why Adoption?

There is a great need throughout the State of Florida for families to open their hearts and their homes to children and teenagers in need of a forever family.  We believe that there are loving, caring families who can provide a forever home to a child or sibling group who cannot safely return to their family.  Many times this may be a teenager, a child with special emotional and/or medical needs, or a sibling group.  These children and teenagers enter care through no fault of their own due to abuse, neglect, or abandonment by their parents.  

Adoption through the foster care system can be challenging at times, but is a very rewarding experience.  These children require a strong family, who can provide a loving, safe, and stable environment to help them develop and feel comfortable as part of the family.  Throughout the United States, there are thousands of children available for adoption and waiting for a forever family.  Heartland for Children has children right in your local community that are waiting for a forever family through adoption.  Florida’s state adoption system offers many unique benefits to adopting children, teenagers, and sibling groups such as tuition waiver, secure legal process, assistance with services and supports, etc.

Check out our Heart Gallery to explore the current children & teens available for adoption within Polk, Highlands, and Hardee Counties.

If you live in Polk, Highlands, or Hardee Counties and would like to register for our next adoption training course, please call 863-519-8900 ext. 223.  For additional information about how to adopt a child, please contact (863) 519-8900 ext. 219 or email us.