Child Abuse Prevention Awareness & Education

Heartland for Children coordinates a community wide effort to provide information and resources to parents/caregivers, professionals, business partners and community leaders on how each person in our community can help contribute to preventing child abuse and neglect.

Through presentations, community awareness activities and parenting tip sheets, Heartland for Children hopes to bring awareness of the importance of helping families before harm occurs and the importance of positive parenting practices.

National Child Abuse Prevention Month

During the month of April each year, Heartland for Children partners with other child-serving agencies to implement the Pinwheels for Prevention campaign for Child Abuse Prevention Month.  During the month, initiatives focus on holding family-friendly events, educating the public about how they can help to prevent child abuse and providing resources to advocates and families to help strengthen families.  During Child Abuse Prevention Month, pinwheels will be prominently displayed throughout the community at local businesses and other community locations.

To learn more about becoming a Child Abuse Prevention Partner or what activities are planned, please contact (863) 519-8900 ext. 205 or check out our Prevention calendar.