Child Passenger Safety


Heartland for Children is committed to improving the safety of all children in the communities we serve. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that 90% of car seats are improperly installed because of the lack of education, difficult instructions and failure to read the owners’ manuals. Heartland for Children collaborates with local agencies within Hardee, Highlands, and Polk Counties to help educate caregivers, as well as professionals that work with children, about Child Passenger Safety.  

Heartland for Children works with other child serving agencies to help increase the number of Child Passenger Safety Technicians in our local communities. These technicians educate caregivers on how to properly install child passenger safety restraints in their own vehicles. These local agencies also collaborate to assure parents/caregivers within the local community have access to proper automobile restraints for their children.

The goal of our Child Passenger Safety initiative is to increase the number of children traveling safely in appropriate and properly installed child passenger safety restraints. For more information, please contact Shawna Butler at (863) 519-8900, x205.