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Haley is a social butterfly always ready for good conversation. She loves the connections she has with her friends and stays up to date chatting on the phone when they aren’t able to spend time together in person. She likes engaging with her friends so much she explains the bus monitor is her arch-nemesis, it’s hard to be quiet on the ride when there’s so much to talk about! This lively little girl is incredibly compassionate, she loves children and dogs. She hopes her future family would enjoy taking her to church. Haley would probably enjoy a quick stop for her favorite drink, a McDonalds Caramel Frappe on the way home! She’s not just into sugar though, she would love it with a bag of spicey chips! This kind-hearted girl has spent time thinking about her future and shares when she grows up, she wants to be a foster parent, she feels she could really connect with children in her care.  Haley is also a silly, sarcastic, and sassy kid. Those who know her joke she can be a little too sassy sometimes but this sassiness also carries incredible strength and resilience.

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