Foster Parent Support

Locally, we have number of supports for foster caregivers including:

  • Foster caregiver support groups
  • Monthly statewide licensing conference calls
  • Online and in-class trainings
  • Faith-based support groups
  • Caregiver support conference calls with Juli Alvarado
  • Additional support from Heartland for Children's early childhood specialist 

All new foster caregivers are assigned to a mentor for their first year to assist them through the licensing process and during the first year of having children placed in their home.  Whenever possible, we assist with funding for extracurricular activities for children.  We also hold family team conferences, provide play therapy, and complete needed assessments.

Additionally, monthly board rate is provided to foster caregivers to help offset the cost of caring for a child. We also partner with several other community resources such as therapists and other providers to meet the individual needs of each child as well as the foster caregivers. 

Foster & Adoptive Family Heart2Heart Support Group

Foster & Adoptive Family Heart2Heart Support Group

The Heart2Heart Support Group was developed as part of the UMatter Organization, Inc. to support existing and incoming foster and adoptive parents. The Heart2Heart Foster & Adoptive Parent Support meets the third Friday of every month.

Email or text/call (407) 454-2094 for more information.

Florida State Foster Adoptive Parent Association

Florida State Foster Adoptive Parent Association

The Florida State Foster/Adoptive Parent Association (FSFAPA) is a statewide membership group for all foster, adoptive, relative and non-relative caregivers in Florida.

Contact the FSFAPA at (866) 913-0977 or email for more information. 

Quality Parenting Initiative

Quality Parenting Initiative
The Quality Parenting Initiative (QPI) is one of Florida's approaches to strengthening foster care, including kinship care, using branding and marketing principles.

Email for more information.

Foster Friends

Foster Friends

For those that want to be involved but may not be ready to make the commitment to become a foster parent, we have the Foster Friends program!  Foster Friends is a group of community volunteers that have stepped up to support our foster homes. The role of a Foster Friend can vary in many ways, from babysitting so the foster parents have some time out, to providing meals or even mentoring a child.  

Volunteers must pass a background screening and complete a small training in order to become a foster friend.  They are then assigned to a foster family and the FRIENDSHIP begins!

To Become a Foster Friend

Contact Liz Cone Tripolino, Foster Home Recruiter, at (863) 519-8900 ext. 285 to get started.

You may download our Foster Friends flyer here.