Newell Family

As we're continuing to celebrate Foster Family Appreciation Week, we want to introduce you to the Newell family! When Brian and Danielle heard that there was a young sibling group of 3 that needed a home they quickly rose to the occasion by taking children outside of their normal age range to ensure that the siblings could remain together. They quickly obtained an extra bed and bought clothing and toys for the three siblings.
A year later when a new baby to the siblings was born, they rose to the challenge to take in the infant so that the siblings could remain together. Brian and Danielle co-parent with birth family and facilitate visits with the birth family so that the siblings can maintain a bond with their family.
Danielle shares, "What inspires us to foster is the ability to see healing and growth occur during care. The ability to open our home to those in need and see changes made. Kids come out of their shell and really shine." Reflecting on some of their favorite memories, she shares, "Building connections that last a lifetime with the kids in our care and their families. Through foster care we can see lives changed relationships restored and new beginnings made."
Thank you, Newell family for stepping up to make a real difference in the lives of children in care and their families!