Hargrove Family

Meet the Hargrove family! Levi and Maria are passionate about caring for teens. They have helped many foster youth transition into adulthood and maintain contact with all of the teens that leave their home. Their teens know that they can always contact Levi and Maria for guidance and support and that their home is always open to them.
Maria shares, "We only take in teenagers - knowing that, we’ve had two of our siblings reunited with their family - they speak to me daily (hourly even because they live on their phones), two other teens aged out, stayed with us for a while and ultimately decided they wanted to travel the country and experience 'freedom'. Those two still call/text and come over for dinner weekly. We’ve had ups and downs, a lot of them, but our suc
cess is seeing all our kids thrive in the real world but come back to us when they know they need help."
"I’m not sure what inspires me to foster, or even continue. I know that I foster because I want the very best for the children in the system. Knowing I can provide that for them, teach them, and love them, gives me the “fuel” to continue. It’s hard, really hard at times, but we’re hoping we’ve made some sort of impact on anyone who’s come into our home."
Thank you, Hargrove family for saying "YES" to loving and caring for teens! You are amazing!