The Stewart Family

Meet Jaime and Paul Stewart! In 2016, they began their foster journey by becoming a medical foster home. This awesome family advocate for their children, co-parented, taken the children to all of their medical appointments and have also adopted 3 of their kids! 

Jamie shares, “We have been truly blessed to become foster parents. Our love for children and trying to make a difference in their lives is one of our main goals in life. We have worked well on trying to keep biological family involved as well as our doors always open to them.

So far we have adopted 2 boys and in the process of adopting a girl. You can easily fall in love with every child. These children bring light, love, humor into lives. We just went on a cruise not too long ago and to see these little faces smile so big and bright makes your heart melt. I just thank GOD every day that we are able to go on big and little adventures with the kids and let them experience things.”

Thank you Stewart Family for all you do!