Violet & Ronald Sims

Meet the Sims Family! For over 13 years, Violet and Ronald have opened their heart and home to youth in their community and have even adopted 6 of their children. The Sims do an excellent job being a support to the children in their care and their families. Their partnership with the children's parents and families have led to successful reunifications and they still stay in touch and visit to this day.

Mrs. Sims shares a few of her favorite and funniest moments from their fostering experience,

I was reading a story to a 5 year old foster child whom was a different race from mine; she stopped me right in the middle of the story; patted me on the thigh until she got my attention, she looked up at me, pointed her finger at me, and said, ‘you are brown, and I am peach, that okay, right?’ Another of my most memorable and favorite moments was when one of my foster children came to me, ask me can she call me mom, and my husband dad.  We knew then that we was doing it right. And that moment, opened the door for a great co-parenting relationship.  We are now the god-parents of that child.

The Sims family shared this quote with us, “Families don’t have to match. You don’t have to look like someone else to love them.” -Leigh Anne Tuohy

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