Ashley & Kelly Grogan

Meet the Grogan Family!

Ashley & Kelly began their foster care journey back in 2017. Ashley shares, “We had 3 young biological children at home when we started our foster care journey. Kel and I had lots of conversations about how fostering would affect our family - we worried about how it might change our children. Be assured, foster care will change you. You cannot experience the things of foster care and stay the same. We have all become more compassionate and empathetic individuals.”

The Grogans have been true supporters of not only the child, but also the child’s family. They have worked with the mother, relatives and siblings for visits and calls and inviting the child’s mother to church, birthday parties and other family functions. Ashley continues,

“Over the last 4 years we have seen the joy of families reunified and the heartbreak of generational trauma that could not be overcome. We have celebrated alongside birth parents and have cried with them in their times of despair. If you are considering foster care, we would say to you: foster care will always be worth it because these children will always be worth it."