Corey & Kyla Rogala

Meet the Rogala Family! A year ago, Corey & Kyla started their foster care journey by taking in a sibling group of 4. They have been amazing advocates for these children and put every effort into co-parenting with the biological parents. 

Kyla shared, “We thought long and hard before going into foster care. We weren’t sure what path was right fit us—foster or adoption, international or local? We went to info nights, read books and blogs, and even took the classes for both fostering and adoption. In the end fostering seemed to continue to call to us, at some point we just decided to take a leap of faith and answer the call. I think it was knowing there’s such a need in our local community! 

I went in knowing I wanted to keep a sibling group together, perhaps I had watched “Instant Family” too many times. We took in a group of 4 for our first placement (and first time parenting!). I won’t sugar coat it—keeping a large sibling group together is HARD. But it’s all at once the hardest and best, most rewarding thing we’ve ever done. It’s stretched us and expanded our hearts in ways we never expected. We know it’s worth it when we see them play together or cuddle up on the couch and watch a movie together. It’s great to see our home is as full as our hearts.”