Lauren & Winston Hackett

Meet Lauren & Winston Hackett!

This young couple started fostering towards the end of 2019. Both of them are school teachers and have always had a heart for children. Early on, Lauren & Winston shared that they were willing to open their heart and home to teens. We quickly identified two teen sisters 13 and 15 that were in one of our group homes and we knew that they would thrive in a traditional family setting. Shortly after having the girls in their home they discovered that they had a 14-year old brother that was in a boy’s group home and 8-year old brother in another home. Lauren & Winston started arranging sibling visits and having their brothers come over to the house to hang out and play games. As they continued to build a relationship, they were able to make room in their home for all 4 of the siblings.

Lauren shared with us, “My biggest surprise from my fostering experience was how much the teens actually wanted my attention. I just didn’t really expect for them to want to spend so much time with us, which we really enjoy because we want to spend time with them.” Winston added, “To anyone who’s on the fence: you can do it. Fostering is such a rewarding experience. Yes, there are challenges, but there are also plenty of smiles, plenty of laughs, and plenty of precious moments you will share with your child/teen. It’s all worth it just to see them happy.”