Larry and Brenda Wenning

When Larry and Brenda Wenning decided to become foster parents in 2007, they intended on being licensed for teens and were willing to help with up to five youth. Since their own children had grown up and moved away, they wanted their four bedroom house filled again.

When they were told about a sibling group of eight that might need to be separated into two different homes, they immediately agreed to take the entire sibling group of 8!  They turned their office into the fifth bedroom and welcomed all the siblings with open arms.  They worked in partnership with the children's birth mother, assuring her they were there to help. There are a total of 10 children in this sibling group and while a few were reunified and live with the mother, 6 remain in the Wenning home.  Their mother has agreed that she does not have the capacity to care for all of her children and the Wennings are now adopting the sibling group of 6! 

Like any parents, Larry and Brenda Wenning are extremely proud of the accomplishments their children have made, stating, “One speaks Spanish and is reading on a third grade level although he’s only in first grade; another is a National Honor Student!  It’s so rewarding to see them grow and excel.  We pushed them and they did the work!”

Many thanks to the Wennings for all of their love and dedication as foster parents and for their recent thank you in the Lakeland Ledger!