Toni & Mike Bauer

Toni and Mike Bauer are an example of going the extra mile for a child.

When a four-month-old baby boy was placed in their home, they immediately began working with the biological father who had almost completed his case plan.  Foster mother Toni transported the child two times a week to and from visits with his father, who had been granted eight hours of unsupervised visitation per week with his son.  

On Father’s Day, the foster family made a Father's Day card for him by cutting out hand and foot prints of the child.  The Bauers and their foster son went together to the restaurant where the boy's father was working and surprised him by having him come to their table and presenting him with the card and a framed photo of his son.  They continued providing strong support of/to this biological father by inviting him to Thanksgiving dinner at their home.

Today, this father and son have been successfully reunified, and the Bauers continue to maintain contact with both father and son.