Finding Permanency: Meet the Lecza's

The Lecza family had a child placed in their home on a Monday morning in February of 2012.  That same evening, the child experienced an accident and broke his femur.

While the Lecza’s are not classified as a medical home, they received all of the additional medical training and equipment necessary to transport the boy in a full body cast.  They were diligent in making sure that he made it to all of his medical appointments in the days and weeks to follow.

Through their kindness, they developed a strong bond with their little guy who had been through such a traumatic experience.  Shortly thereafter, a relative placement was identified and the child moved out of state with that relative in April of 2012.

The Lecza’s maintained contact with the child through Facebook and developed a friendship with the family.  Unfortunately, the relative placement changed their mind about the placement, and in February 2013, the child was returned to foster care in Florida.  The Lecza’s did not hesitate to take the child back into their home, even though they were at capacity.  Mr. Lecza personally flew up to North Carolina to be the one to pick up the child and bring him back “home."  They have made a commitment to keep this little boy with them until permanency is reached so he does not need to move again.

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