Unlocking Futures: Meet Ms. Mixon

Theresa Mixon has been fostering since 1998 and is currently fostering two children. She has a 17 year old male that has been residing in her home for two years. Ms. Mixon believes in ensuring the children are actively involved in community activities and athletics. The youth participates in ROTC, the African Drum Music Club, plays tennis and is interested in the swim team. He recently obtained his learner’s permit and drives Ms. Mixon all around town! He has a savings account and Ms. Mixon encourages him to save his money and she matches what he saves each month….just like any parent would do. Ms. Mixon’s brother has been mentoring the youth and assists with ensuring he can remain in his current activities. Ms. Mixon is the perfect example of how one foster parent can unlock the future potential of a child in her care.

Are you the next Ms. Mixon?

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