Burnett-Rivera Family

Justin & Jon started their foster care journey only wanting to foster one child at a time. Shortly after taking their first placement, they learned that there was a non-verbal autistic child who needed a home and they rose to the challenge, purchased bunk beds, and took the child in their home.
Through their journey as foster parents, they have become excellent advocates for children with special needs. Justin and Jon requested to complete the TBRI caregiver training so that they could become better equipped to support and parent special needs children in their home. They include the children in all of the family outings and vacations. They co-parent with birth parents and they help with visitations.
"What inspires us to foster is knowing that while the kids are with us they are filled with food, love and support. We love giving them normalcy while in our home, and hope that they carry that with them. So that when they grow up, they will do the same for their children. Additionally, we love helping the community. This our community and it takes everyone to do their part. I wish more families fostered. We have SUCH A HUGE NEED!"
Thank you, Justin & Jon for stepping up to help children and families in foster care!