Program Manager-Licensing

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  • Job Summary:

    This is a professional position responsible for the management and oversight of the foster homes licensing unit. This includes oversight of the preservice training, initial licensing, relicensing and support of the foster home network. 

  • Essential Functions:

    • Establish and maintain positive working relationship with HFC customers, demonstrating exceptional Customer Service
    • Provide oversight of licensing unit and program development
    • Provide weekly and monthly roll up reports to capture/analyze data on the training and licensing of new foster homes
    • Provide weekly and monthly roll up reports to capture/analyze data on the relicensing and retention of current foster homes
    • Assist the Director of Foster Home Licensing in the yearly development and quarterly tracking of the Strategic Recruitment and Retention Plan, to include progress in fulfilling the yearly training plan for caregivers
    • Provide oversight on the scheduling of preservice classes for the year
    • Provide coverage at Institutional Staffings as needed to support Licensing Specialists-Lead
    • Manage the licensing unit’s caseload and workload assignments
    • Assist the licensing unit with problem resolution 
    • In conjunction with Director of Foster Home Licensing and Licensing Specialist-Lead, provide rotating on-call response for any after-hours waivers or placement stabilization that might be needed; these rotations are for one week at a time
    • Complete file reviews on new homes being licensed and provide support to Licensing Specialist-Lead
    • Assist with relicensing reviews when assistance is needed
    • Participate in and support pre-service training as needed, including identifying others to assist with preservice training
    • Facilitate supervision with Licensing Specialist-Lead to ensure all homes are in compliance with licensing requirements as needed, including background screens
    • Help develop and participate in retention efforts for foster homes and participate in recruitment activities as needed
    • Provide oversight to ensure that appropriate corrective action plans are developed for caregivers as needed, as well as staff with the department to close at 30 days
    • Participate in and track institutional staffings facilitated by the Department of Children and Families
    • Demonstrate cultural and age-specific competencies in interactions with clients, families, co-workers and customers
    • Provides coverage and support to the Licensing Specialist-Lead and Director of Foster Home Licensing
    • Ensure that foster caregiver preservice training meets the current needs of our children coming into care and make additions to curriculum or training layout as needed
    • Review the initial licensing home studies for One More Child
    • Provide guidance to One More Child with effective licensing and retention efforts as well as review and approve their annual recruitment and retention plan  
    • Participate in the following meetings: One More Child and Heads quarterly meetings, weekly placements/licensing meetings, monthly Caregiver Advisory Council Meetings, monthly DCF state Licensing meetings, HFC PQI meetings
    • Perform special projects as assigned within designated time frames

  • Qualifications Required:

    Bachelors degree in Social Work or related field.  Child Welfare certification required.

  • Qualifications Preferred:

    Two years of experience managing child welfare staff, preferably in foster home licensing.

  • Physical Requirements:

  • Benefits:

    Excellent benefits package with tuition assistance, domestic partner coverage, retirement and generous paid time off.  

  • Additional Information:

    Drug free workplace.  Drug testing required.  EOE/M/F/D/V.  

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