Chapdelaine Family

Steven & Jennifer Chapdelaine began their adoption journey when their biological daughter went off to college. They were empty nesters but always loved children and felt they had more love to give and space in their home. They looked into adoption from foster care as a way to help children in need.

In October 2019, the Chapdelaine's adopted siblings Jordan and Lane (now 9 and 11) keeping the children together and their strong sibling bond. Although they had some special needs, Jennifer and Steven immediately sought specialists and the needed supports to help them on the journey to healing. Jordan is a very loving, caring, is not bashful and very social with friends and family. Jordan is excelling in school with all A's. Just like her parents and brother, Star Wars is her favorite. Lane has a fantastic sense of humor and his feelings are his greatest strength and sometimes a challenge for him. One of his favorite hobbies is art and he loves giving gifts of his pictures to friends and family. Both children are so helpful and are always asking if they can help out around the house.

As a family, they love to travel and enjoy road trips to Georgia and North Carolina visiting parks, waterfalls and just enjoying nature. They have fun going to the zoo, Disney, the beach or just spend quality time together with their family.

We are grateful for families in our community that open their hearts and homes to children and teens. If you'd like to learn more about adoption, call 863-519-8900 x 223. #adoptionstory