Rebecca Martin - Celebrate Reunification

At our 2nd Reunification Celebration, we honored Rebecca Martin, one our foster caregivers for being a Reunification Champion! Not only is she currently fostering a sibling group of 4, but she has also been co-parenting with Kayla, the mother who has already been reunified with her other 2 children that were in separate foster care placements.
Rebecca has ensured that the children are able to visit with Kayla and their siblings several times a week. She has assisted with transportation for needed appointments, picking them up from daycare and went as far as to allow mom to stay at their home and care for all of her children while the Martin's went on vacation. Rebecca also took Kayla job hunting to help her find employment and has been great support for her and her children.
We aren't meant to do life on our own and reunifications are successful when there are people like Rebecca that are there to support! Thank you, Rebecca for all you do to support children and families!