Case Manager Corner: April 2021

Case manager's corner is Chief Quality & Performance Officer, Bill Nunnally's forum in which to recognize various employees from case management organizations for their outstanding work.


- Sandi Denmark and Michael Harris at Children's Home Society
- Taylor Thomas and Adriana Boule at One Hope United
- Ineisha Porter, Tamora Boatwright, Rodina Lynch, Thamitchlard Bain, Abigail Workman, Carla Lott, Natallia McKenzie, Barbara jones, Madalynn Krieser and Felicia Mullis at Devereux




Children's Home Society

Sandi Denmark of CHS is definitely a welcome asset with the Family Team Conferences. She takes initiative to get things done, she works hard to produce good outcomes for the families she works with, Sandi goes above and beyond to help anyone who needs her and she makes the time to help them, and she takes pride in her work, whether that is with families or coworkers.  She single handedly transformed the Parents as Partners group in a very impressive way. It is growing and becoming more recognized across the state because of the time and efforts she has invested in it. CHS is very proud of you, Sandi!


This came in from Richard George of Heartland

I am working to license a family for Level 1 and was doing my home study visit yesterday, April 1st,  and they mentioned that Michael Harris of CHS was their case manager.  They stated that Michael has been awesome to work with. Michael always returns calls and when he says he will provide something or be there for the family, he always follows through with his promise.  They state that Michael has been an invaluable resource for them and they were thankful he is their case manager. Thank you, Michael, for taking such good care of our families and children!!


One Hope United

Taylor Thomas, Independent Living Case Manager, always goes above and beyond with all the young adults she serves. Taylor has been helping and guiding a young adult that many other professionals have not been able to reach. Taylor has stayed by her side and helped her through many crisis situations. This young adult was on the verge of being discharged from the extended foster program; however, Taylor worked with her very closely, advocated for her, and helped her remain eligible for the extended foster care program. With Taylor’s guidance, compassion, patience, and caring demeanor the young adult’s behaviors have recently began to improve. Thank you Taylor for your dedication to all of your young adults!


Sarah Roane, one of the Trainers at Heartland, sent this in:

I have heard nothing but glowing reviews of Adriana Boule at OHU! I would like to give her a shout out for working with the trainees and taking the time to really explain everything to them. The trainees were all very impressed with her, said she was very professional and had great rapport with her families, and she was always great when I was working with her in the field as well!




The Devereux Leadership Team wishes to recognize the following team members:

Kudos to Ineisha Porter, FTC Facilitator, for assisting case managers on top of her FTC duties.

Kudos to Tamora Boatwright for taking on some difficult cases and working hard for the families.

Kudos to Rodina Lynch for always having a can-do attitude and going above and beyond for our children and families.

Kudos to Thamitchlard Bain, Abigail Workman, Carla Lott, Natallia McKenzie, Barbara Jones, Madalynn Krieser, and Felicia Mullis for passing their post test. Welcome to the Devereux Family!


Everyone here in our Circuit 10 system of care feels honored to have these amazing people working with our families and changing lives. We are so proud of all of our case managers for the very difficult work they do every day and for the support they provide to the children and families that we serve.